Monday, March 30, 2009

Return to Sender

One of the best inventions ever, they're made to make life easier - write your (short) note and put it where you need it. If you go digital, though, where you need it isn't always on your computer. For example, what good is my grocery list on my virtual desktop?

That's where the Notes area on my phone comes in - totally indispensable, since it automatically comes with me everywhere. Even better if you can check email on your phone - just type up a list and send it to yourself (or even take a digital photo of, say, a wine bottle you want to match up).

Works for work too - emailing a reminder to yourself (in the sub line) puts it back into your attention queue automatically, and when you're done, I have to say that deleting it is just as satisfying as crossing a chore off your list with a pen. There's also the magical whiteboard

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