Friday, March 13, 2009

Did you leave us with the short straw?

The Bite:
Fine by us, as long as it's reusable. Glass and stainless steel drinking straws add garbage-free class to your glass, even if you get stuck sucking down a cuppa SunnyD.
The Benefits:
  • Fewer fistfuls of trash. Most disposable straws are made from polypropylene (so you can recycle them), but remember: plastic never fully biodegrades, so generally just try to avoid it.
  • Shorter bills; not-so-short lifetimes. At about $5 per box of 50, straws aren't superexpensive, but reusable options will pretty much last forever.
Personally Speaking:
Jen (co-founder and a bit of a klutz) uses stainless steel 'cuz she's afraid she'll break the glass ones. But Jenifer (editorial director and amateur ballerina) prefers the "see-through-ness" of glass, and after three months, hasn’t broken one yet.
Wanna Try:

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