Friday, February 6, 2009

Is an unsafe bottle repressing your thirst?

The Bite

Time for some bottle therapy. It used to be practically a requirement for the eco-conscious urbanite to lug water in reusable hard-plastic bottles, but it turns out those bottles can leach toxins. Choose lined aluminum, stainless steel, or glass instead.

The Benefits

  • Health-consciousness. Polycarbonate plastic used in bottles by Nalgene and other companies leaches bisphenol-A, which is linked to birth defects, miscarriage, and prostate cancer.
  • Less waste. Plastic water bottles require 1.5 million barrels of oil each year to make.
  • Hydration. Experts recommend we drink six to seven glasses of H2O per day, so keep a bottle handy.
  • Hipster appeal. Metal and glass options now come in supercool colors and designs.

Personally Speaking

The Biter team probably looks like a group of crazy evangelicals when we hang out away from the office, with all of our Biter bottles in tow.

Wanna Try?

  • Biter Bottles - our very own light, lined aluminum bottle ($20).
  • Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle - made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel and holds 27 oz ($18).
  • SIGG Kids Series - get lil' Biters started down the healthier path ($18).
  • VOSS - its water comes in cool-looking reusable glass bottles; buy one, and use the bottle for life ($3).
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