Monday, April 7, 2008

BECKY J. photography, LLC capturing a slice of your life

April 2008
Volume 1, Issue 2
What makes ME stand out from the crowd? I’ve spent the past few weeks asking myself that very question. Why would YOU choose ME to photograph a slice of your life?

Here’s a short list of some of the companies and services that I choose time and time again: Target -“great design at affordableprices.” Giant Eagle– yeah, I admit, some of the food prices are higher but the gasoline discount totally rocks - I received a $1 off per gallon today! And, of course, there’s Dr. King - our family physician. This one’s pretty easy – it’s all about trust, trust, and more trust. For me (and probably you, too) it really boils down to this: 1. Great products 2. Affordability 3. Client appreciation and 4. Trust
Yes, I know, other photographers can say the same thing – but wait, there’s one more reason…
you hire ME because you know you’ll “ooh and aah” all the way through your proofing session!
Reason 5. The wow factor
It starts with an ooh and ahh, then there’s a slight flutter in your stomach, then the smile on your face, and then you say…”what a great picture!” (The wow factor gets ‘em every time!)

I Have a Problem
I’m as “inquisitive” as the next person so I’ve been surfing the Web for other women photographers with cool websites. Know what I discovered? They all have a blog! In fact,everyone has a blog now. Well, alrighty then…I want one, too! So I called my fabulous IT guy (aka “my main man Mike”) to get right on it!

That was a few months ago and, so far, I have yet to run out of things to say or find ways to amuse myself. But, I think I’m on Post #15 now and I’m getting a little tired of so many one-sided conversations. If you’re nosy too, you are more than welcome to hop on my blog to see
what swirls around in my head every hour of the night and day. I don’t even have a good excuse
anymore when Mike says, "Are you blogging again?” Ok, so I have a problem.
Somebody, please, check out my website and click on the link to my blog – the first person to post a comment will receive a complimentary creative session for up to four people just for keeping me company!
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