Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Green Marketers Can Learn from Prius's Success

Hardly a week goes by without Toyota’s Prius making green marketing headlines. Let's take a step back and analyze why this product has been so wildly successful, attracting a broad swath of consumers — and not just deep-green ones — like a powerful magnet, all the while creating a new definition of automotive cool. By Jacquelyn Ottman

Let’s start with the top reasons why Prius owners bought their car. As of the second quarter of last year the number-one reason was “Makes a Statement About Me” (57%), followed by “Other” (e.g., incentives), Higher Fuel Economy (36%), Distinctive Styling (33%), Lower Emissions (25%), and New Technology (7%) (source: CNW Marketing Research). If you’re surprised why fuel economy or lower emissions aren’t higher on the list, then you may be underestimating Toyota’s deftness at positioning this car for a mainstream audience.
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